This CD contains a comprehensive training package which is intended to support overseas qualified  nurses as they adapt to working in the Australian dementia care setting. The package includes  information and worksheets for facility managers, an online program for overseas qualified nurses  and training resources aimed at staff working alongside overseas qualified nurses and other staff  from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
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Supporting overseas qualified nurses working in dementia care - June 2012
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The program uses a web site structure to display the content with the Top Menu linking to each major  Section. Then, there is a Drop-down Menu linking to the Topics within each Section and, where the  Topic is divided into Sub-Topics, a Side Menu is used. A page-by-page progression through the program is achieved by using the Next and Previous links at the bottom of each page.
This program was developed on behalf of the NSW/ACT Dementia Training Study Centre at the  University of Wollongong.  Full details about the programs author, graphic-web designer and other  contributors are given on the Acknowledgement Page; access via the Top Menu. 
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In designing the program interface the objective has been to utilise readily available web based  technology rather than relying on propriety based software or specalised browser plug-ins. To achieve  this objective and at the same time create a modern and engaging interface, certain computer system  specifications will be required to ensure that all the contained features work.
To view the System Requirements document, link here To view the Trouble Shooting document, link here
When a Worksheet needs to be completed as part of the Program, this is shown diagrammatically on the appropriate page, with a link to either a MS Word or Acrobat file.
Many of the Resources that form part of this program are included on the CD as Acrobat files. However,  some Resources are located on external web sites and to access these, an unrestricted internet  connection is required. 
See the adjoining Tabs for additional information.
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To correctly display the videos and some  activities for this program an appropriate  version of Adobe's Shockwave Player browser  plug-in is required. If the Videos and some  Activities don't display correctly, you will need  to take actions as outlined in the  Troubleshooting notes on the Homepage or  consult your IT support.